Food Genie

My first program!

Genie is a C++ program that is designed to work electronic waiter that takes the orders and enables
you to do all task of a waiter. This Program is the unique way of ordering food in the
restaurant it brings the menu to your fingertips so no need of menu card. It also displays
the bill at the time of ordering.

Genie will be loaded on a tablet and placed on the table and you can order
through it. Bill will be displayed right after ordering the food .Genie helps you
with the providing suggestions to the chef .In this system you don’t need to wait
for any waiter to take order .this program makes the user feel comfortable while
ordering .this is a different type of menu which asks you to choose between veg
and non veg and later displays the starters,main course and then the dessert .At the
end it displays the time taken for the preparation of food .

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