E-Click is an Android Application where the user can avail various services through a single click. In this
application , one can start by creating a profile just by specifying his/her mobile number. The
services are categorized into 3 types, namely Government services, Emergency services and
Private services. Once the .apk file is installed in a device, the app will be ready to use. Just a
click on the required service, the app will link the call service of our mobile internally. Hence,
we can make a call just by clicking on the service required by us.

Therefore, in this project, we intend to provide an easy access to the various services by creating
an application where all the necessary and frequently used contacts by a citizen, are readily
available and is just a click away. The user need not search for the contact information on the

internet and then dial it on his mobile. With just one click, the call will be directed to the
required service hence, saving the user’s time and efforts.

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